On May 8th, grade 11 IBDP students held the final poster presentations for the 2019 Group 4 Project.  The Group 4 Projects is a collaborative activity required for all IB students to promote collaboration between the different scientific disciplines.  Other goals of the project include an appreciation of ethical and environmental aspects of science and the development of information and communication technology skills.  Students were divided into 16 groups each with 6 or 7 students.  Each group had a mix of students studying Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  The students were introduced to the project on April 12th and told to develop original research questions and experiments related to the three sciences.  On April 26th, they perform all of the experiments and gathered the required data for analysis.

G4 科學展作為歷史悠久且世界公認最受歡迎的IB 學術活動之一,給每位IB 學生提供了跨學科運用知識,解決現實問題,提升國際視野的機會。G4 科學展的另一目的是培養學生的團隊合作精神,信息技術運用以及表達交流能力。11年級IB 學生被分為16組,每組由選修生物,化學物理的6-7名學生組成。每組需要討論確立研究問題,實驗方法,接著進行實驗收集處理數據,得出結論,最后設計展板呈現研究結果。

The final poster presentations were attended by Integrated Division teachers and Grade 9 and 10 students.  Based upon feedback provided by the Grade 9 and 10 students, prizes were awarded for the first, second, and third place projects.  



First Prize 

Title: Sunscreen effectiveness

Group members: 邢天Ricky、戚驥東Steven、



The sunscreen can protect our skin from the UV lights and significantly decrease the incidence of skin cancer. We did this experiment to test the sunlight protection ability of different brands sunscreens, they are ANESSA, LANCOME, OSM, ALLIE and HERBORIST by using the fiber optic spectrometer. The results showed that the sunlight protection ability of ANESSA was the best, ALLIE was the second and the worst one was HERBORIST.


Second Prize   

Title: Mosquito repellant

Group members: 陳杰Jonatha、錢穎Paig 、喻易Quorra 、黃金莫言Golde、陳慧軒Flora 、劉欣悅Sky、李佳薇Veronica


In summer, we will often get mosquito bites. We did some research that pH value in mosquito bite is lower than 7. In that case, we’re going to do an experiment that use acid to substitute the substance in mosquito bite.

We use mosquito repellent liquid, Antalya cantabile and other substances then observe which substance will react with acid and the pH value first reach 7.


Third Prize  

Title: Sugar in Milk Tea

Group members:史蜜蕾Ashley、余姿心Nancy、 張瑞Jerry、江驍洋Shawn、黃禮聰Tommy、計非菲Jessalyn 、黃心怡 Ria


Nowadays, milk tea has become increasingly popular. Many people choose “sugar-free” one since they think there’s no sugar added in the milk tea. However, based on the Chinese food policy, the sugar in the sugar-free milk tea should lower than 5g/100ml, which indicates that “sugar free” milk tea doesn’t really have no sugar. It is the problem of the amount of sugar you add.

For the experimental procedure, we tested the sugar content of sugar-free milk tea of 5 different brands  by using the saccharide analyzer. We found that the difference between the milk tea with the highest sugar content ‘Happy Lemon’ and the one with the lowest sugar content ‘RenZaiChaZai人在茶在’ is 10.63%. Assuming that a middle cup of milk tea is 450ml, there are about 67.06g sugar in Happy Lemon’s, while 19.215g sugar in RenZaiChaZai人在茶在’s. Scientists suggest that an adult does not eat over 50g sugar. It means that a middle cup of sugar-free milk tea of ‘Happy Lemon’ really exceeds the sugar intake for us in one day.

According to the results, we suggest that drinking less milk tea every week, it’s not good for health. 



——融合部DP 化學教師   徐思涵


Our experiment was divided in different sections and I am in charge of the choosing topic and conducting experiment. When I caught the idea of studying effectiveness of mosquito-repellent, the teacher said the reaction between anti-mosquito and acid was hard to monitor and there was more than one ingredient in the anti-mosquito solution. But I still insist on searching and we comply with the procedure in the lab. The pH change is visible and we got the data. The Group 4 experiment allows me to improve not only practical skill but also collaboration and communication skill.

——11C Paige




——11D 余姿心 Nancy